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  • Description

    Discover what the cards hold with this clear, inspiring guide to tarot.
    228 pages, (Hardback)

    The back of the book reads:

    The Book of Tarot will help the modern tarot reader understand the spiritual and intuitive power of the cards, no matter their experience level. With this book, you will deepen your intuition, understand the deck and symbols, interpret the cards and, most importantly, learn how to use the cards as a means of self-discovery, manifestation and personal growth.

    Alice Grist has over twenty-five years of experience with reading the cards and in this book she shares her vast knowledge and secrets. This gentle and enlightening book brings the tarot fully into the twenty-first century, while allowing you to gain some serious tarot wisdom.

    The Book of Tarot offers an easy and entertaining manifesto to an empowering everyday tarot practice.

    John Says:

    This is an excellent guide for anyone wanting to develop a sound knowledge of the workings of tarot. This book does not use illustrations. Instead, it is filled with all the information you need to help you get started with tarot on an intuitive level. The meanings relate well to most standard decks. If you are new to tarot or a bit more experienced, this book will help you lots, emphasising that tarot reading is an intuitive process.

    It’s best especially when starting out, to take the time to meditate on each card in turn, to see what comes to you intuitively as you look at the illustrations. Try leaving a different card under your pillow each night, then meditate on its meaning in the morning.

    Books are a great guide to help you begin to understand the different symbolisms present in tarot, but they are not a substitute for your own intuition.

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