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  • Description

    A deck with a feline and playful flavor, simple and direct for beginners and experts.
    78 cards & booklet. Card size: 66 x 120 mm

    From the booklet:

    In Polish folklore, the white flowers of weeping willows are called "kittens" in memory of a mother cat's love for her little ones. In Africa, the Azande witches used to preserve divining instruments in a bag made of the skin of a white cat. The color white, on the other hand, is the symbol for mental clarity, spiritual purity, the passing from death to life, and psychic rebirth.

    All of these suggestions, as well as others, are gathered together in the Tarot of the White Cats, a deck with an appearance that is "lighthearted" and yet mesmerizing like the eyes of a cat, captivating like its movements, and mysterious like its thoughts.

    John says:

    I love the lighthearted nature of these cards. The images remind me of watching a children’s cartoon, featuring a playful cat that gets up to all sorts of adventure.

    The simple illustrations on this deck make it ideal for beginners, although if you wish to take tarot seriously, I would suggest starting with Rider Waite, and have this as a second “fun” deck if you really like it. I liked these so much that I bought an extra deck for myself to keep. I know I will use them often.

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