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    © Edited and published by John McVey 2020

    Sample text from this amazing and transformative E-Book:

    Getting to know yourself might seem more than a little boring. After all, what else is there to learn? You’ve spent every second of your life with yourself. There certainly can’t be any surprises, right?

    You’re not alone if you feel this way, but you’d be wrong. You know a lot less about yourself than just about anyone else in your life knows about you.

    We don’t see ourselves very well. We don’t really want to look. We’re afraid of what we’ll find. We avoid examining ourselves. We’d rather turn on the TV, find a snack, or watch videos online. Anything to avoid seeing the truth.

    As unpleasant as the truth may be, it holds the secret to greater levels of success.

    When you understand yourself, you can:

    Gain control over yourself
    Avoid your weaknesses and common pitfalls
    Understand and deal with your negative habits
    Have healthier relationships
    Choose a life path that suits you
    Find enthusiasm and fulfilment

    We’re all suffering from a case of mistaken identity.

    We’ve invested fully into the culture we were born into. We have jobs we don’t like, but we can’t figure out what we’d rather do.

    We repeat the same mistakes over and over, but don’t have a clue we’re doing it. On the off-chance we recognise our repeated mistakes, we don’t understand why we’re doing them or how to change it.

    Success is much more challenging without self-knowledge.

    To be highly successful, it’s necessary to:

    Set big goals that are meaningful to you
    Utilize your strengths and avoid your weaknesses
    Deal with stress in a productive manner
    Know how to motivate yourself
    Overcome fear

    All of these things are easier to achieve if you know yourself. Without self-knowledge, luck rules the day.

    Consider these topics to learn more about yourself and your opportunities for success:

    Chapter 1: Discover the True YOU. Your strengths, weaknesses, values, and preferences all give clues to help you find your true self. Who are you really? This chapter will help you begin that journey.

    Chapter 2: Repeating your Mistakes. Our repeated mistakes are harder to see than you might think. These are the mistakes that limit our potential and make success harder than it needs to be. These mistakes negatively affect our relationships, finances, health, and career.

    Chapter 3: Meditation - How Does Your Mind Work? Unless you’ve studied your mind seriously, it’s a mystery. Meditation has been used for thousands of years to gain self-knowledge and is more popular than ever.

    Chapter 4: Discomfort and You. How we handle discomfort has a huge effect on success. Our negative habits are the result of dealing with discomfort poorly. Discomfort can work for you or against you.

    Chapter 5: Habits. The things we do each day add up over the years to create our future. How are your habits influencing your life and success? Good habits guarantee success. Poor habits guarantee failure.

    Chapter 6: How to Find Your Passion. Success is easier to accomplish when you’re pursuing something that fills you with excitement. This chapter will help you to find that thing that excites you.

    Chapter 7: Journaling. Recording your life, thoughts, and activities can provide the insight you need about yourself to take your life to the next level. Journaling is a powerful tool when used daily.

    Chapter 8: Trauma. Our worst experiences can shape our thoughts and behaviours for the rest of our lives.

    Chapter 9: Final Tips. A final chapter of simple ideas you can use to learn more about what makes you tick.

    This 58-page E-book is packed full of all the help you need to discover yourself. Enhance your life and become the best version of You! Order now and find out who you really are!

    Also included FREE are two worksheets. Use both of these extra tools to help you work through all this information and get to know yourself so much better along the way:

    1. Find the Inner You Worksheet.
    2. Relationship Patterns Worksheet.

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