Welcome to tarotshop.uk, your home from home for the best selection of tarot cards in the UK! Here, you will find a brilliant selection of tarot cards, from the traditional and old, to the new and modern. You'll also find a great selection of oracle cards, angel cards and rune sets, as well as bags and cloths to keep your treasured items dust free and clean.

About John's Oracle and tarotshop.uk:

John's Oracle began as a small business in Aberdeen, Scotland, doing tarot readings locally, part time in 2017. By 2019, this had expanded to offering tarot readings online and the online sale of tarot and oracle cards on Etsy.  Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic prevented the offer of local tarot readings since 2020. 

By February 2022 however, John's Oracle on Etsy had almost 700 sales and over 170 5-star reviews despite the pandemic. However, due to Etsy's high fee structure and the continuing economic and financial climate, John's Oracle left the Etsy platform a few months later. In February 2022, tarotshop.uk was established to help expand the brand to more platforms and online marketplaces. 

About John:

A Self-Improvement & Spiritual Life Coach, Tarot & Oracle Card Reader, and Blogger.

John is an avid spiritual seeker and has been researching spiritual, metaphysical and a variety of related topics for much of his adult life.

Always seeking to improve and develop professionally, John continues his personal and vocational study so as to continually offer more to his clients.

He has a reputation for being extremely accurate and has been an intuitive reader since 2005. He has loads of experience with a variety of divination tools including tarot and oracle cards, runes, crystal pendulums and more. 

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